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The Police Need to Take it up a Notch

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    May 13, 2013 7:01 PM PDT

    Forget about human rights and who likes or dislikes what the police are doing. Do we see what is happening in this country. Tourists are now being targeted as victims by thes street thugs, if I may be permitted tosay that. Recently over the weekend of May 10th - 12th a visitor was killed, and the motive was linked to robbery of personal possessions including jewellery.


    Do we realize that the world is watching. Do these idiots realize what this does to our tourism industry. People willl eventually be afraid to travel to the Bahamas and explore the islands because of fear for the lost of their life. This is bad and the police need to step up their crime enforcement just another notch. This is needed because our very own number one industry is now at risk. We need to step back a bit and letthem do their jobs. Its not easy out there, and there are young men who are relentless in their efforts to commit crime without even thinking about the negative repercussions.


    If the Bahamas can hear me, I say please let the ploicemen do their jobs. We need to do something about crime before we are destroyed by crime. Bahamians please let the police do their jobs, and to the police, please take law enforcement up another notch.


    Franklyn Hall