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  • These days, it can be overwhelming and exhausting listening to all of the talk about wearing the proper PPE for the task that is being performed. It can be easy to tune this talk out, but that is a dangerous road to travel.Do you need any refractory products ? Such as fire brick , fire briks and refractory castable.There are many kinds of refractory products and refractory materials in our factory .

    There are certain types of PPE that everybody is familiar with and are predominantly available on the work site. These include safety glasses, steel toe boots, and gloves to name a few, but PPE isn’t that simple. When it comes to construction work, and more specifically, refractory installation it is critical to match the PPE being worn to the material being installed as well as the installation method being used.

    For starters, all refractory materials are not created equal. Some materials are “phosphate bonded.” These materials can be corrosive in nature and additional precaution should be taken when working with them since they can pose additional risk to the eyes and skin. Especially when using liquid phosphate bonded or “two component” mixes, goggles and corrosive resistant gloves should be considered. Single component products such as phosphate bonded plastics should also be considered to pose an additional risk to individuals installing them.

    Aside from material type, installation method should also be considered. Cutting bring or “shooting” refractory materials in lieu of vibration casting can lead to additional risk to the eyes and a face-shield should likely be considered. Furthermore using monolithic materials or “dry-cutting” products can create excessive dust and appropriate respiratory protection should be used.

    At times, it seems as though there are as many combinations of materials and installation methods as there are stars in the sky. It is important to understand the specific hazards posed by each material and installation method prior to using the products. When it comes to safety, all products are not created equal. Be sure to refer to product data sheets, SDS information, mixing and using instructions, and lean on industry experts such as manufacturers and qualified contractors in order to prevent injuries.If you need any fire brick or refractory products , welcome to view our website to know more kinds of refractory products.