About FIFA 16's Season Story

  • EA have utilised FIFA 16 Player Stories engine in various guises over the last few Career Mode iterations,with fairly mixed success. It is undeniable that EA will get great benefits (including FIFA16Mall FIFA 16 Coins selling well), if the story can attract players.

    Some of the stories are really interesting and engaging, and others not so. But combined with the some of the new audio technology EA are stepping up their game on that front yet again with their newly dubbed, Story of the Season. 

    Now as well as the general comments about your next opponent, you'll also get deeper routed discussion about big transfers happening in world football (even outside of your league at times), notable player or team performances and should you find yourself in a title or relegation scrap, they'll debate that in some depth too. Things have gone yet another level down in terms of depth essentially.

    Some of that stuff we've perhaps seen or heard before, but normally it's in isolation or the odd comment here and there. Now Career Mode feels like it remembers, and plays more prominently on those key story lines as they develop and it does so almost seamlessly.

    Story of the Season also brings with it a suite of new overlays for transfer news to really enforce the things Tyler and Smith debate. This stuff is subtle, without doubt, but it's great to see EA continue to push the envelope in terms of overall immersion of the Career Mode experience.