Kyiv National University

  • This university is the best in Ukraine. He is honored to be named after the greatest domestic poet ever – Taras Shevchenko. This honor confirms elite status of the university and its high level.

    KNU was called to existence in 1833. Those times he was as much elite as now. In the earliest years of the nineteenth century it was called as Emperor University of Saint Volodymyr, one of most superior head of the state.

    Since then, the name of the university has been changing. Today, after the tenth transformation, it gained its present name.

    In 2008 year, KNU was ranked as research university.

    Today KNU is the hugest educational institute in country. It has fourteen faculties and seven institutes. More than twenty five thousands students are studying there. There are also lyceum, research centers, observatories, library, botanical garden and nature park at the university territory.

    The university could provide its students with diplomas of bachelors and masters

    There are more than one hundred and fifty specialties there. The university has two thousands persons, more than eighty percents of them have scientific degrees and about twenty four percents of them has degree of doctor (the highest scientific degree in Ukraine).

    The university has several corpses, but it is well-known by its main representative – Red Corpse of the KNU. It is the oldest premise of the university infrastructure. It is the architectural monument of the national significance.

    Another “colored” corpse was built in the middle of the nineteenth century and called yellow. Today there are situated social faculties.

    There is peculiar preserve of the university placed in Kanyv.

    Rank of the university was confirmed by national and world ratings. In most cases this university is one of the few representatives of Ukraine in world ratings.

    Today this university has class B, which means “very high”. Not many universities in Ukraine are honored by this status.

    Students of the university are extremely active in the policy. They were active participants of the riots in the times of wars and revolutions. Students of the KNU fought against modern authorities at Maidan, which took place in Ukraine in 2013-2014 years.

    Today this university creates trends in education in Ukraine. Its alumni are highly demanded among employers and have opportunity to work abroad. Diploma of this university confirms the highest level of education, which student could get in Ukraine.