Pros and cons of studying abroad

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    Getting qualitative education is very important nowadays. Those who have their diplomas from educational giants are more appropriate for employers in offering a workplace. Another reason of going abroad for learning at the university is a desire to take a knowledge which local educational institutes can’t provide: talented students want to improve their skills and go abroad seeking for a chance to create something great or become someone big.

    That exciting moment when you’ve passed exams to enter university you like become frightened hour of understanding that your adult life starts now and going abroad you have to fight a lot of struggles to keep yourself good.

    Firstly, big value has a factor of different country, another language and culture. It would be wise to get there long before term starts: you have to observe the place where you’ll leave, get information about objects of city infrastructure, find places where you’ll spend your leisure. These activities have to be done at start, because it’ll be almost impossible to cope with that in time of studying (it is a big stress already)

    The second fear is typical and every first-year student faces it: new surrounding and loss of the previous connections and relationships with former classmates. Entering the university you will meet different people doesn’t matter are you going abroad or not. Maybe another language factor has its value, but it’s hardly probable that in the university, which you’ve choosen you are the only one student from your country. Here is a good side of meeting fellow-countryman abroad: feeling yourself all alone abroad, you’ll stay each other as hard as you can and find new friends very quickly.

    But studying abroad has more advantages than bad sides. Being in your best age abroad means that you have enough energy and willing to learn new about  the country spirit, it’s more likely that you soon will find places that you’ll love and will absorb impressions as sponge.

    That fact, that you’re studying somewhere far from home confirms that you’re better than others who lost in the fight for a place in this very university (you’ve choosen the best one, haven’t you&?:)   - this will increase your value for your future employer. Moreover, maybe you’ll find a better place to live in another country, or maybe there you’ll face a great opportunities inaccessible in your homeland.

    To sum up, only brave and confident teenagers could change everything and go abroad for studying. Despite that fact, that this is a big risk, they’ll be awarded well: an unforgettable experience and great chances overweigh all potential hazards. Good luck!:)