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Check out 8 Simple Thanksgiving Tips for a Dying Relationship
Staying in relationship may sound very romantic and love-filled at the same time; however it requires a lot of things to keep things running on the track. Today, every second or third relationship of couples has to go through some problem. Few relationships can even be dying relationship. Here, the blog confess about 10 thanksgiving tips, if you too are living in a relationship.

1. Keep trying- Remember, the pillar of relationship cannot be constructed in one or two months. It can take many years to improve the quality of your relationship with every passing day. What you have to do is trying and working at it, if it is really important for you.

2. Avoid abusive way- There may be sometimes you get angry with the partner. In spite of being impatient and abusive, you should be calm and talk about the things you think that wrong with your relationship. Do not ever forget talking in a rational manner when things are not on their way.

3. Be caring- Be caring even when you have a fight with your spice, it can help you neglecting the adverseness of conflict and getting you closer soon. You can live in happy relationship, if you care about each other’s feelings and thoughts as well.

4. Take responsibilities- If you have made any mistake, you will need to admit it and take responsibilities in spite of arguing with your partner. This can stops extending the age of argument and conflicts as well. Besides this, it can also get you respectful for in your spouse’s eyes. Acceptance matters the most than rejection of your faults.

5. Be calm- It is better to stay calm at some points where you are indicated for a big disaster in the relationship. Your silence can be even better to reacting on unwanted situations. Whenever your partner is provoking for you any reaction, do not lose your calm and silence.

6. Try couple counseling- Counselors have marriage fitness tips and can help you maintaining the goodness of relationship. Therefore, before finalizing anything relating to the separation, you are advised to go for relationship counseling. They can suggest you some steps to build and maintain phenomenal.

7. Strengthen sexual life- Sex is what required for a healthy and happy relationship. Even the health experts have said that couples with healthy sexual life are likely to be happier than couples with poor sexual life. Both male and female enhancement solutions are easily available in the market and can be purchased online as well. Kamagra, aurogra, Lovegra, Silagra, Eriacta, Caverta, Cialis etc. are a few examples of these enhancement solutions.

8. Identify source of unhappiness- It is you to decide about your happiness and unhappiness. In case of unhappiness in the relationship, you will need to look over the sources getting unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Replacing those things with some exciting one can bring lost happiness back on the way.